Patio Must-Haves: Condo Living

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In Toronto, traditional housing has been replaced by high rise buildings in order to maximize space and accommodate the growing population. When you live in a condo, your outdoor space may be limited – but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the space functional and aesthetically beautiful!

Condo projects with great patio spaces (on sale now!):

Here are the top 5 condo patio essentials:


Everyone likes to relax and take refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city – and for some – that means putting your feet up. A chaise is the ideal place to dig into a good book, enjoy a refreshment, soak up the sun or grab a snooze. If your outdoor space is limited, gravity chairs are quit popular these days and are quite compact when you aren’t using them.


Sure, not all condos allow barbecues, but in case that isn’t a rule, take advantage. After a long day at work, what can beat the smell and taste of a grilled steak or veggie skewer for dinner? It’s also a great medium for entertaining. If you have a BBQ, chances are your friends and family will flock to your house for summer dinners. If space is an issue, hibachi grills are more compact then the big guys.

Photo courtesy of Bonluxat: Patio rockerRocking Chair

So if the chaise or gravity chair are out of the question, imagine yourself in a high rise building, kicking it back old-school in a rocking chair? What a lovely way to end your week, right? Think of the warmth of the sunlight against your cheeks. You might think it’s a little bit of a rural patio accessory but there are a lot of modern rocking chairs on the market now, and a little gliding is what you may need to unleash stress.


when lounging on the patio, there are two options: the first one is to add an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun or rain and the other is to simply soak up the sunshine. Choosing the former may be the route you want to take – because if you do have an umbrella, you can always fold it down if you want.


Plants add life to your outdoor space. Flowers and green plants are perfect therapeutic companions, while some potted veggies and herbs are great ways to enjoy delicious home-grown foodstuffs (and you know where it came from).


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