Steps to selling your home

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Want to get the highest possible price for your home in a short time frame without losing your mind? TheRedPin has compiled a list of steps to take when selling your home to help make those goals a reality.

Remember, while selling your home can be unnerving and a period of clouded judgement and emotional distress, it doesn’t have to be. Read the tips below, from experienced industry professionals, to save yourself time and money throughout the selling  process.

1.) Hire an agent

It’s strongly recommended that sellers hire a real estate agent. Agents have a wealth of experience negotiating home sales and can help you get more money for your home in less time. Additionally, there’s a lot of paperwork that comes with selling a home and agents know how to handle it all.

2.) Set a smart asking price

Homes get the most exposure when they’re first listed, so it’s important to get it right the first time around.

This is where working with an agent can really help, as realtors can pinpoint your property’s true value by providing information on what similar homes sold for in the area. Homes rarely sell for their asking price in this market, and a pro agent will know how to strategically select a list price and close the deal for the maximum amount of money possible.

3.) Use a full-time agent

A full-time agent will handle everything from private tours, open houses, paperwork, scheduling photography and more, so you never have to go at it alone. Discount or part-time agents do not provide the same level of end-to-end service, so some of the work and logistics will inevitably fall on you.

4.) Show your home in the best light

Decluttering and staging your home are a must! Both will make your home look more appealing in photographs, and for potential homebuyers viewing the home in person, the space will look bigger and cleaner. Taking this tip seriously before listing your home will guarantee a better response from house hunters. Depersonalizing allows buyers to visualize themselves in the space for years to come.

When decluttering, it’s also a smart move to take on minor repairs such as tightening loose door knobs. The small things really can make all the difference in making a good first impression and closing the deal.

5.) Be rational, not emotional

Often times, too many sellers take negotiating personally. It’s helpful to think of a home sale as a business transaction. Letting your emotions interfere may ruin a potential deal. Do not let your personal memories cloud your judgement when selling your home. Remember, you will create many new memories in your next home.

6.) Choose the right time to sell

Timing does matter when listing your home. For example, winter is typically a slower period whereas spring and fall usually represent the seasons when the market is hottest. It’s also very important that you avoid listing your home on long weekends or holidays. As a home seller, you want as much exposure on your property as possible, so list wisely!

7.) List with professional photos

Photos of the home are the first thing prospective buyers see when browsing online, so it is important to get photos right and snapped by a professional. Remember, first impressions matter. Real estate photographers know which angles to shoot, how to emphasize rooms in their best light and make a space appear as large as possible. Photos taken with a smartphone camera (regardless of the number of megapixels) often feature inconsistent lighting and appear flat or blurry. A professional will ensure your home is presented perfectly.

Selling your home is a gratifying experience, but at times, it can also feel like a burden. To make the process as stress free and as pleasant as possible, follow the above-mentioned steps to getting your home sold quickly and for the right price.

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