World's most livable cities The Economist Toronto

Toronto named among the world’s top 5 most livable cities by The Economist

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World's most livable cities The Economist TorontoImage: Rick Harris/Flickr

Three of the world’s top five most livable cities are Canadian according to The Economist, which scored 140 major metropolises across the globe on a variety of social, economic and lifestyle categories.

Toronto was ranked fourth, a spot the city has held consecutively every year since the 2009 iteration of the annual livability study. Toronto was beat out by Vancouver for third but came out ahead of Calgary, which shared the title of fifth best with the Australian city of Adelaide.

Melbourne and Vienna, Austria took the first two spots respectively.

The Economist Intelligence Unit – the research and analytical subdivision of the famed London-based newsmagazine – scored 140 cities on a 1 to 100 scale across five quality of life categories. Everything from health care, stability, education, infrastructure and culture and the environment were touched upon.

Toronto nabbed a coveted total score of 97.2; a rating that was brought down a notch due to marginally lower performance in the infrastructure category.

Major world cities such as New York and London didn’t crack the top ten, thanks in large part to their sheer size that leaves them more vulnerable to higher levels of congestion, crime, pollution as well as poorer access to necessary amenities.

“Those that score best tend to be mid-sized cities in wealthier countries,” reads the report. “These can foster a range of recreational activities without leading to high crime levels or overburdened infrastructure.”

The world’s top 10 most livable citiesThe world's top 10 most liveable cities

Source: The Economist

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