Top elementary brampton schools

The best elementary schools in Brampton, Ontario

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Top elementary brampton schools

Brampton has one of the GTA’s youngest populations, so it’s no wonder that residents of the suburb are on the hunt for the right schools for their kids. After all, it’s one of the most important decisions in mapping out their child’s development.

Elementary school is the beginning of a child’s educational journey, establishing healthy learning habits and introducing them to peers that could become lifelong friends. It’s a mixture of good teachers, supportive staff and a learning environment that values cooperation and self-awareness.

The Fraser Institute, a think tank that ranks schools in Alberta, British Columbia, Québec and Ontario, measures schools based on rigorous testing in mathematics, reading and writing. Here’s the list of top-ranking elementary schools in Brampton according to the institute’s most recent survey results. Where applicable, we also reference measurements by the Educational Quality And Accountability Office (EQAO), an independent agency that assesses student performance in Ontario’s public schools.

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Best public elementary schools in Brampton


Castlemore Public School (9916 The Gore Road)

  • Public
  • Fraser: 7.7/10

The top-rated public school in Brampton, Castlemore, is committed to promoting lifelong learning among its students. Located in Bram East neighbourhood, the school currently has under 700 registered students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. The school’s motto, “aim high, give back and make a difference,” is embodied in the robust extracurricular offerings available to students, including class trips, sports and fitness programs and visiting professionals who demonstrate their skills and answer students’ questions.

The EQAO reports strong academic performance for Castlemore across the board, as 83 per cent of Grade 3 Primary students either meet or exceed Ontario’s standard in Writing, while also scoring in the high 70-the percentile for both Reading and Mathematics. In regards to Juniors in Grade 6, over 85 per cent perform at or above the province’s standard for Reading and Writing, dipping slightly to 57 per cent in Mathematics.

Great Lakes Public School (285 Great Lakes Drive)

  • Public
  • Fraser: 7.5/10

The goal of the teachers and staff at Great Lakes Public School is to create a climate for learning. In other words, an environment where students experience meaningful activities and where their skills are nurtured, in order to develop empathy and awareness of the world around them. Faculty and students follow a strict code of care, courtesy and common sense, otherwise known as the 3 C’s of good citizenship. Located in the Sandringham-Wellington neighbourhood in Brampton, Great Lakes Public School currently has just over 800 students enrolled in their Kindergarten to Grade 8 classes.

According to EQAO surveys, 81 per cent of Primary students and 69 per cent of Juniors said “I like mathematics” most of the time. That interest is showcased in the school’s strong Mathematics performance, as 81 per cent of Primary students and 73 per cent of Juniors match or surpass the Ontario standard.

Ray Lawson Public School (725 Ray Lawson Boulevard)

  • Public
  • Fraser: 7.5/10

For students at Ray Lawson Public School, academic and extracurriculars are taken with a LEAP, which stands for Leadership: Exploring and Achieving with Pride. Faculty and staff pride themselves with creating a tight-knit school community by making sure everyone’s contribution is valued. Roughly 550 students are registered at Ray Lawson Public School’s Kindergarten to Grade 6 curriculum, which is located in Brampton’s Fletcher’s Creek South neighbourhood. The school has extensive extracurricular offerings, ranging from sports to after-school workshops that celebrate the diversity of its student body.

Best private elementary schools in Brampton


Khalsa Community (69 Maitland Street)

  • Private
  • Fraser: 9.7/10

Ontario’s largest private Sikh elementary school routinely gets high marks from the Fraser Institute. But the school goes beyond good grades and small class sizes to evaluate its students. Khalsa Community instills its students with values to guide them through life. Their motto is “Simran, Sewa and Sadachar,” which mean meditation and prayer; self-awareness and concern for the world around you; and, integrity and strength of character in Punjabi. Located in the Central Park neighbourhood of Brampton at Williams Parkway East and Dixie Road, Khalsa Community caters to the region’s large population of school-aged children. Focusing on faith and Sikh philosophy, the school offers Kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum, as well as classes that teach Guru Granth Sahib, Punjabi and Kirtan. The private school was founded in 1995 and currently has 800 registered students.

Wali ul Asr Learning Institute (7580 Kennedy Road)

  • Private
  • Fraser: 7.9/10

Wali ul Asr has four campuses in Southern Ontario, including this Brampton location in the Brampton 407 Corridor neighbourhood. This private institution is focused on providing a top-notch education in an Islamic environment through religious, academic and extracurricular programs. At Wali ul Asr, preparing students with the skills they’ll need for tomorrow isn’t just about book learning. Teachers and faculty focus on developing their students’ character through Islamic values, such as good manners, mutual respect, peace, kindness, love, and tolerance. The school opened its doors in 2008, offering elementary and secondary curriculum, with specialized streams in science, business, and the humanities. The goal of the school is to develop young people to be future leaders in society and build the next generation into a well-rounded, ambassadors of tomorrow.

Best Catholic elementary schools in Brampton


St. Agnes Elementary School (103 Richvale Drive South)

  • Catholic
  • Fraser: 8.1/10

Located in Brampton’s Heart Lake East neighbourhood, St. Agnes Elementary School has a diverse range of afterschool programs for students, from Bible studies to sports programs to exemplify the school’s motto, “Excellence and Cooperation.” St. Agnes was founded in 1989 and has roughly 300 registered students, the majority of whom rank above the provincial standards for academic achievement. Students have access to tutors in the classroom, homework help and bullying prevention programs, as well as recreation programs in nearby parks.

In hard numbers, the EQAO reports that over 80 per cent of Primary and Junior students at St. Agnes either meet or exceed Ontario’s academic standard. The only exceptions are Junior students in the subjects of Reading and Mathematics, where combined academic achievement above the provincial standard was recorded at 79 and 58 per cent respectively.

Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School (25 Mount Royal Circle)

  • Catholic
  • Fraser: 7.5/10

Founded in 2011, Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School is located in the Vales of Castlemore neighbourhood of Brampton. Just over 300 students are enrolled at the Catholic school, and follow the school’s ethos of “Our Learners, Our Leaders,” in their academic and extracurricular activities. Participating in social justice initiatives in the community, such as food drives, is a pivotal part of being part of the school and surrounding community.

According to EQAO, over 80 per cent of students at Our Lady of Lourdes perform at or above the provincial standard in Reading and Writing. In regards to mathematics, combined academic achievement still sits at a strong 78 per cent for Primary students, meanwhile, it drops slightly to 61 per cent for Juniors.

Holy Spirit Catholic Elementary School (25 Bloomsbury Avenue)

  • Catholic
  • Fraser: 7.2/10

Nestled on a quiet family-friendly street lined with sprawling single-detached homes, Holy Spirit first opened its doors back in 2005 in northern Brampton. The school’s commitment to academic excellence and fostering a strong and supportive faith-based community environment is exemplified in its motto “Teaching for The Father, Inspired by The Son, Guided by The Holy Spirit.”

On the academic front, the school shows particularly strong performance in the areas of Reading and Writing. According to the EQAO, the proportion of Grade 3 Primary and Grade 6 Junior students performing at or above provincial standards sits between 70 to 80 per cent. The school also has a variety of extracurricular activities for students to choose from, including co-ed softball, cross country and track and field.

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