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For 2 years, we’ve worked hard to build a company that reimagines real estate in your favour and not the agents. From removing the complexities of home buying to giving you the support you need to find that dream home, TheRedPin has strived to provide its customers with a golden experience.

Now we take a step forward. On Friday, November 16th, we rolled out a fresh new look to We are reimagining the way you research, find and secure your dream home, taking the experience to a whole other level.


What’s New?

Here are some new features that we pushed with our new launch:

  • Fresh New Look: The site has been spruced up to help buyers understand the company better and take advantage of new tools such as an interactive map.
  • New Meets Resale: New projects and resale homes have been integrated on to the same map, helping buyers make sound decisions on whether to buy a new property or an old one.
  • Refined Advanced Search: Using the simple “+” on the side of the search field, individuals can refine their search right on the page and see their results in realtime.
  • Faster Site: The site is now considerably faster, improving the overall user experience.

We Know What’s Missing

We have received some great feedback and we are working to add some functionalities that most of you want to see. Here are a few things that we shall be adding to the upcoming update:

  • Side bar with listings within a specific area.
  • Hover functionality to all pins to see listing details immediately.
  • Price of resale homes on top of the pin, giving you important details that will speed up your search.
  • Update to the navigation system.

Shout out and thanks to Steven, Metodi, David and Taylor for your feedback!



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