Best elementary schools in Richmond Hill, Ontario

The best elementary schools in Richmond Hill, Ontario

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Best elementary schools in Richmond Hill, OntarioThough technically a town, Richmond Hill is bigger than many Canadian cities and boasts a sizeable population of over 200,000 – a number that’s nearly tripled since the early 90’s. A big reason behind Richmond Hill’s rapid growth comes down to its appeal with family home buyers.

Large newer-built houses, big lots, spacious backyards, quiet tree-lined streets and above all, great schools, all underpin Richmond Hill’s popularity among house hunters with children.

To help in your search for the best schools in Richmond Hill, TheRedPin has put the spotlight on seven top-performing public and catholic elementary schools in town, factoring in academic performance from ranking organizations the Fraser Institute and the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO).

Best public elementary schools in Richmond Hill

Richmond Rose Public School

  • Type: Public School
  • Fraser Insitute: 9.4/10
  • Address: 160 Frank Endean Road
  • Principal: Shannon Philip
  • Students: 667
  • Phone: 905-737-4311

Ranked the best elementary school in Richmond Hill by the Fraser Institute (and scoring in the top one percentile of all Junior and Primary schools in the province), Richmond Rose Public School first opened its doors in 1999.

Named in homage of Richmond Hill’s history as the centre of Canada’s rose growing industry, the public school is located in the neighbourhood of Rogue Wood, where buying a home will easily run you seven figures as average prices hover over $1.5 million dollars.

In total, the school has an enrollment of 667 students from kindergarten to Grade 8. According to the Educational Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), at least 87 per cent of all students at Richmond Rose excelled beyond provincial standards in everything from Reading, Writing and Mathematics – even shooting up as high as 92 per cent for Junior students in Grade 6.

The school is also conveniently located right across the street from Redstone Park. The well-kept kid-friendly park is the perfect spot for children to keep active and socialize after school hours and features a soccer field, basketball courts, playground and shade shelter to keep cool during the summer.

Richmond Rose Public School BoundaryRichmond Rose Public School Boundary

Silver Stream Public School

  • Type: Public School
  • Fraser Insitute: 9.1/10
  • Address: 180 Farmstead Road
  • Principal: Carol Takagai
  • Students: 633
  • Phone: 905-508-5696

Similar to Richmond Rose (mentioned above) Silver Stream Public School is also located in the neighbourhood of Rogue Wood and scores in the top one percent of elementary schools in Ontario.

Founded in 2002, the school is named after Silver Stream Farms, a nearby local farm that traces its roots back nearly a century, and today, serves as a community landmark and host to multiple educational school trips.

Based on EQAO reports, Silver Stream receives top marks in terms of academic performance. In the subjects of Reading and Writing, at least 90 per cent of Grade 3 and Grade 6 students outperformed the province. For Mathematics, that figure stands at 87 per cent.

To complement its full-time classes, Silver Stream launched a gifted program in 2010 that welcomes high-performing students from grades 4 to 8 across Richmond Hill.

Silver Stream also offers students a myriad of extracurricular programs to participate in, including badminton, volleyball and basketball athletic clubs, French tutoring, math competitions and drama performances.

For an inside look into the school, make sure to read the Silver Stream PS Blog here.

Silver Stream Public School BoundarySilver Stream Public school Boundary

Bayview Hill Public Elementary School

  • Type: Public School
  • Fraser Insitute: 8.7/10
  • Adress: 81 Strathearn Avenue
  • Principal: Michael Carlin
  • Students: 829
  • Phone: 905-508-0806

The two-story elementary school, which first opened in 1991, is located near the major intersection of Bayview and 16th Avenues in the namesake neighbourhood of Bayview Hill.

Along with taking the spot as the third best public elementary school in Richmond Hill by the Fraser Institute, EQAO rankings have shown Bayview Hill students are high performers, with between 85 to 91 per cent scoring at or above provincial standards in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

Aside from high grades, the full-time English language school is also notable for its diverse student body. Between 15 to 25 per cent of Bayview Hill’s 860 students are learning English.

The school is a true representation of Richmond Hill’s ethnically diverse population, proudly stating “We have a rich cultural diversity within our school, and strive to be inclusive of all traditions and backgrounds.”

Bayview Hill also provides a total of two unique community programs – Autism class and Social Adjustment class for both Primary and Junior departments.

Other standouts at Bayview Hill include the fact all classrooms feature smart boards and LCD projectors and that music, computer and library rooms are always well-equipped. Students also have a number of laptops and iPads at their disposal.

The intimate Richmond Hill neighbourhood of Bayview Hill is home to some of the most premium real estate in the GTA and according to recent finding from MLS, average properties sell for $2.7 million.

If you’d like to read up more on Bayview Hill Public Elementary School, make sure to visit the school’s blog here.

Bayview Hill Elementary School BoundaryBayview Hill Elementary School Boundary

Pleasantville Public School

  • Type: Public School
  • Fraser Insitute: 8.7/10
  • Address: 400 Mill Street
  • Principal: Shari Elms
  • Students: 416
  • Phone: 905-884-7431

Pleasantville Public School is conveniently located at the crossroads between three major neighbourhood amenities: Pleasantville Park (which features multiple sports fields), the Mill Pond outdoor recreation space and Mackenzie Health hospital.

One of the older schools on this list, Pleasantville first opened its doors in 1960 and has since gone through multiple rounds of renovations. From a new library and gymnasium, to an extensive addition of ten classrooms (including a science lab and music room), the school’s over 400 students are placed in a top-notch learning environment.

The numbers prove it.

Consistently, over the past five years, more than 80 per cent of both Primary and Junior students at the school have met or exceeded provincial standards according to the EQAO. In the major subjects of Reading and Writing, the percentage climbs to as high as 94 per cent, while in Mathematics, recent numbers point to 85 per cent.

Based on the Fraser Institute, Pleasantville also scored in the top second percentile of all 2,900 elementary schools in the province.

Arguably one of the standout features of Pleasantville PS is its committed teaching staff, who always strive to improve the school’s already strong academic track record. After identifying that one of the biggest hurdles students faced was persevering through longer more complex questions, teachers made it a priority to empower students and foster a learning environment where children are driven to persist through tough questions independently.

In an interview with EQAO, Olga Hiltz, the Special Education Resource teacher, said the following: “We started to realize that—our role of prompting kids and asking them questions—was far more powerful than rescuing them and giving them those answers.”

Adopting proven teaching practices, such as implementing longer “wait times” to allow students to struggle and work through a question on their own rather have a teacher promptly swoop in with all the answers, and creating stronger Professional Learning Communities where teachers can provide each other feedback and learning strategies, are just some of the highlights that set teachers at Pleasantville apart.

Pleasantville Public School BoundaryPleasantville Public School Boundary

Best Catholic elementary schools in Richmond Hill

St. Anne Catholic School

  • Type: Catholic School
  • Fraser Insitute: 8.8/10
  • Address: 105 Don Head Village Boulevard
  • Principal: Martina Smith
  • Students: 281
  • Phone: 905-883-0311

St. Anne Catholic Elementary School (CES) is located in the neighbourhood of North Richvale and is cradled by two parks – Mary Dawson Park and Little Don Park (both of which feature sports fields and playgrounds).

Recognized as the best Catholic elementary school in Richmond Hill by the Fraser Institute, St Anne also comes in as the 73rd best elementary school of all 2,900 in Ontario ranked by the Institute.

Moreover, EQAO reports between 87 to 99 per cent of all students at St. Anne met or exceeded provincial standards in Reading and Writing. In Mathematics, the figure stands at between 81 and 74 per cent for Primary and Junior students respectively. 

Named after Saint Anne, the grandmother of Jesus and principal patron of the province of Quebec, St. Anne CES promotes a positive learning environment that intertwines Catholic values with an engaging and rigorous curriculum.

The school is also notable for its top-performing basketball team, the Skyhawks, and for hosting family oriented events like Family Bingo Night, Family Mass and community barbecues.

The neighbourhood of North Richvale features a prominent mix of detached houses (which average for over $1.5 million) and condominium apartments.

For a more personal look at St. Anne’s activities, visit the school’s twitter account here.

Christ the King Catholic Elementary School

  • Type: Catholic School
  • Fraser Insitute: 8.4/10
  • Address: 329 Valleymede Drive
  • Principal: Diana Carbone-Colucci
  • Students: 481
  • Phone: 905-771-6036

Located in the north-west corner of Richmond Hill’s Doncrest neighbourhood, Christ the King Catholic Elementary School (CES) is situated near the intersection of Spadina and 16th Avenues.

The elementary school, which first opened its doors in 1991, is still lead by its three founding staff members (Mrs. Ciccone, Miss Valent and Mr. Evans) who continue to excel the state of Catholic education in their community and remain committed to the school’s loud and proud mantra of “Feel the Spirit. Get Involved. Make a Difference!”

Along with nabbing the title of the second best Catholic elementary school in Richmond Hill by the Fraser Institute, EQAO reports that Christ the King’s over 480 students are top performers. In the subjects of Reading and Writing, at least 90 per cent of both Grade 3 Primary and Grade 6 Junior students met or excelled beyond provincial standards. In Mathematics, the figure stands at 90 per cent and 77 per cent for Primary and Junior students respectively.

Christ the King CES is also located just steps to David Hamilton Park, which is currently in the midst of seeing dramatic updates with new additions and improvements made to the playground, splash pad, tennis courts, baseball diamond and more.

St Marguerite d’Youville

  • Type: Catholic School
  • Fraser Insitute: 8.3/10
  • Address: 121 Rollinghill Road
  • Principal: Luisa Busato
  • Students: 456
  • Phone: 905-883-5221

One of many Catholic schools in the country named after St Marguerite D’Youville, the first Canadian to be declared a saint by the Roman Catholic Church, this Richmond Hill elementary school is located in the neighbourhood of Jefferson at the intersection of Rolling Hill Road and Skywood Drive.

While the name may suggest otherwise, St Marguerite D’Youville is an English-language school. In fact, only 13 per cent of the St Marguerite’s student body learned a first language other than English at home, a considerably smaller percentage than many other schools on this list.

According to the Fraser Institute, St Marguerite D’Youville CES ranks as the third best Catholic elementary school in Richmond Hill and scores in the top fifth percentile of all Primary and Junior school in Ontario (across both public and Catholic school boards).

EQAO findings also highlight that at least 73 per cent of Primary students met or exceeded provincial standards in Mathematics and Reading, while in the subject of Writing, the figure jumps to a notably higher 85 per cent. Junior students excelled in Reading and Writing, with over 88 per cent performing beyond Ontario’s standards. In Mathematics, however, the percentage did slightly dip to a still respectable 69 per cent.

The elementary school is also situated a stone’s throw from French Royalist Park, a large greenspace with basketball courts, a playground, grass soccer field, outdoor tennis court and walking trails.

* Rankings and student body information are provided by Fraser Institute and EQAO.
* School boundaries are subject to change. Visit the York Region School Board for a complete list of school boundary information.
* House prices based on the Q2 2017 Toronto Real Estate Board market report

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