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Tahani Aburaneh Makes TheRedPin Real Estate Wall of Fame

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TheRedPin Wall of Fame is a series of interviews which gives our readers the chance to read all about major real estate players in Canada and around the world, and how they see the market shaping up for the future.

Tahani Aburaneh

Tahani Aburaneh is a Real Estate Developer, Builder, Entrepreneur, and an Author of ’Real Estate Riches’ A Money Making Game Plan for the Canadian Investor. 100% of royalties from sales of her book is donated to help other women around the globe through Care.org. With over a decade experience in the industry, Ms. Aburaneh’s story is inspirational and transformational. Tahani, a self-made multi-millionaire, will be speaking at The Investor Forum 2012 in Toronto. Make sure you reserve your tickets and come meet her. You can also email her at tahani@tahani.ca, reach on twitter @tahaniaburaneh, or check out her website realestaterichesbook.com/

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1. Tell us about yourself, what was your first job, and what you do in the world of Real Estate?

I do remember as a child I was a mini entrepreneur. I grew up in a refugee camp where I would bake sweets and sell it on the side of the street. At the age 15 I was forced into an arranged marriage where I was sent off to Canada to fend for myself. Shoot forward 22 years, when that chapter in my life ended I began another chapter of my life that started with two young kids and no money in my pocket, but freedom is what I want and that is all that mattered at the time.

Four years later, I found my self paying off a full mortgage (which takes the average Canadian 25-40 years to pay off) and adding 9 houses to my real estate portfolio. I started selling new homes to four builders in the one area and that area attracted lots of investors. I was completely focused, motivated and willing to find them the information they are looking for in exchange for help with understanding what they are doing and why they were doing it.

That part of my real estate life has concluded. Now my love and passion lies in helping investors, and this is what led me to teach, educate and to write a book about the world of real estate investing.

2. You recently published your book called “Real Estate Riches – A money-making game plan for the Canadian investor”. Can you tell us a bit about your inspiration behind writing this book and also what you try to address in the book?

Everyday I meet so many investors who constantly approach me after making costly mistakes when getting into real estate investing. After hearing story after story of how these newbie real estate investors and their hard earned dollars have gone in smoke right before there eyes, is what had led me to specialize in helping and working with RE investors only. The word got around about my interest in helping investors and Don R. Campbell (the president of REIN) inspired me to write a book with Wiley and Sons as my publishing company. This book is full of real life stories of investors and lessons you can learn from, which include tips and step by step guidelines on the what, how, when, where and why to get into real estate investing? There is a large emphasis on building a solid team which specializes in working with investors, understand investors and who can save you money by avoiding costly mistakes made by many newbie investors. www.realestaterichesbook.com

3. What are your predictions for the Real Estate industry 12 Months from now??

In the coming months soon after spring, I predict that it would be the best time to buy great real estate investment properties. In my opinion, the market will slow down and more homes will be on sale thus more opportunities for buyers to choose from and help build their portfolio. If you are thinking of starting to invest in real estate then get ready for the fall market and winter, as it will be a great time to get going.

Focusing on risk mitigation is always wise as a real estate investor but I think it’s especially prudent right now – when there are so many variables that could shake things up that are totally out of your control.

4. Do you think we’re going to have a Real Estate bubble this year? What is your reasoning behind it?

No, I do not think that at all. The market is now slowing down and more and more listings will be on sale, which will take much more days to sell. We are heading full force into a buyers market, which is the perfect market for investors. Every market has its ups and its downs and you can choose which to focus on. Therefore, I see a great opportunity in the times ahead for buyers and investors.

5. How do you think the internet has changed the way people approach the industry including your organization? Do you see online platforms opening up opportunities that did not exist previously?

I remember what is now considered the “old times” in the 1990’s when we were negotiating offers was a constant game of tag: We had to drive from the buyers house to sellers house to buyers house then to sellers house until we have a deal. It’s amazing how that seems so long ago. I remember when we had books of MLS® listings, and it was only exclusive to realtors®. Yes, I know it may be hard to believe that once upon a time the MLS® system was a simple book. Now buyers and sellers can search the MLS® from their homes on their own and which help play a big role in finding what they want.

TheRedPin is a pioneer brokerage. What they have done and the value they have given to buyers is changing the whole industry. Buyers can search and find what they want without being at the mercy of a realtor®. What an incredible step toward freedom of choices within the real estate world.

6. What’s your biggest hobby aside from your profession and who do you aspire to in that field?

After turning 45 years young, I learned how to ride a bicycle; I learned how to swim and lastly how to ski. I am truly enjoying myself because now my days of full of fun participating in all the above sports. I also consider my self an avid runner.

The people that inspire me are the many women who have over come so much adversity and challenges such as Oprah, Margret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto, and Golda Meir to name few.


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