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Supermodel Heidi Klum Lists Beverly Hills Home For $6.9 Million

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This is a supermodel edition of Celebrity Stalking, Real Estate Style! Our focus is on Heidi Klum (pronounced ‘Kloom’). She is a 37 year old German Diva who started her modeling career by winning a competition that included 25,000 other contestants back in 1992. Today she is one of the most known model/actresses in the world, with a salary upwards of $16 million per annum.

She is sooooo, hmmmm how can I put this elegantly…. ok I rhyme it up for you:

She is Heidi, the German Diva, Klum
She walks in and lights up a room

She is hotter than a microwave owen
There ain’t no cure, says Leo Cohen

ok ok I’ll stop (for now). Let’s get back on topic. Heidi and and former Grammy Winning husband, Seal (yes yes she is married with four kids much to the chagrin of the guys in the audience) have just listed their Beverly Hills House for $6.9 million. The house covers 6,794 sqft with 6 bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms and is described as a “21st century Loire Valley Chateau”. Lot size alone is 4.05 Acres and the house was originally custom built with High Ceilings. This is a gated area on the hills which makes for beautiful scenery.

The house reportedly also includes French doors, a wood-paneled library, a glass-enclosed wine vault, a private tennis court, and spa and hot tub(s). The couple are no strangers to the world of Real Estate, they purchased a $14.2 million foreclosed property in LA back in December. Yup they are doing just fine.

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source: Real Estalker, Realtors.com


  1. evelyn

    Hmmmm, I guess no matter how much dough you have, it does not necessarily give you good style sense when it comes to your home!

    1. Sam

      May just be a case of a bad designer. Evelyn can't be in two cities at once of course ;d

  2. Burton Haynes

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