Spring into Action - Expert Tips on How to Organize your Home for Spring

Spring into action – expert tips on how to organize your home for spring

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Spring into Action - Expert Tips on How to Organize your Home for SpringThe following is a guest post by Professional Organizers in Canada

Decluttering and putting things in order is a great way to clear your mind and save time this season. Decisions will be easier to make when you don’t have to ruffle through items you no longer want and can easily find what you need right at your fingertips. For a quick and easy spring cleaning session, follow these expert tips:

  • Schedule a charity pick-up

Call a clothing or charity bank and request a pick up date ahead of time so that you have a deadline.

Most charities will ask you to put your clearly marked bags and boxes out by 8 am. The optimal day to do this would be Monday or Tuesday so you can plan a “family declutter time” on the weekend. If you do not want to arrange a pick-up, make sure you know where the closest charity bin is in your neighbourhood. Bins generally only take clothing and small household items.

  • Set up a donation area in your home

Put out two boxes or bins on each floor of your house, or in a certain area of your condo, for one week. Label them charity or garbage respectively and have everyone add to the boxes throughout the week after work or school. Ask them to go through their clothes and keep only what makes them feel good or serves a purpose (i.e. we may not love those turtlenecks but they serve a purpose on the ski hill).

  • Schedule a family hour on the weekend

It won’t take long if the entire family participates. Schedule one hour of family time on the weekend so every member can go through their entire room and discard what they don’t love or find useful anymore. You may want to give family members an incentive or goal to encourage them participate, or arrange a small shopping trip to buy them each one new item for spring.

  • Tidy

Now that there is some more space, spend a few minutes organizing the closet so that clothes are easy to find and look good (there is nothing worse than trying to navigate through a closet when the hangars are all in a muddle—a tidy cupboard is a reward in itself). When sorting out your closet, make sure to put like things together (hang long-sleeved shirts to tank tops/long sleeved dresses to short sleeve dresses etc.)

  • Review all winter gear

Before you put away your winter gear, check to see if they will last another year. Clean or take items to the dry cleaner so they are ready to go when winter strikes again and don’t forget to make a note on your calendar in September to remind you of what you will need to purchase for next winter.

Angie LeClair is a Silver Leaf member of the Professional Organizers in Canada with over seven years experience in residential home organizing in the Toronto area. To find Angie, contact her at organizedbyangieleclair@gmail.com.

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