Red…..Not Just For Valentine’s Day

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TheRedPin has red in it’s name…it makes you point to the area you wish to find a is a full-stop and a target…Red is used by companies to make you take notice.
RED…there  is no denying that it is a colour which evokes reaction effortlessly and  involuntarily.  It is a celebratory colour, popular during holiday celebrations, special occasions, happy and sad events…it truly is a multi-use colour.

Valentine’s day seems to make everyone a Fan of RED, however, it is a colour which, even if incorporated in a small way, can add that special ‘pop’ to your space.

Most of us know that red means stop, danger, love, life, bravery, and passion, it is a colour for ‘extroverts’ and those in power positions.


There are cool reds ( those with a blue undertone) and warm reds (those with orange personal favourite). Red goes with more colours than you may think. Red looks great with neutrals like cream and grey as well as with classics such as white and black. I wear my favourite red velvet jacket with my favourite orange scarf from Florence…When I do, I have a spring in my step which I have convinced myself is the result of the energetic colour combination.

I am crazy about this door..! A Red Door is a gorgeous and bold addition to any house, whether traditional such as this one or contemporary such as the one below.

Contemporary red door..

This red room in the "white house" is elegant, formal and very stately. Red has a way of making One stand at attention.

A red sofa is such a warm addition to a room. I have always had the goal of doing this in my own space, perhaps a den or a family room day I will!


I love the energy this red sofa brings to this casual bright room

A red island..most would be fearful of doing this because of the 'resale' quotient. But I think if done well, it can only be a positive element.

In my opinion , a large contemporary print is the best way to add that red element.

Can you imagine, this stunning stove as a centerpiece in your kitchen..for the lover of red for sure.

In small touch, red is gorgeous in a guest room...

WOW....I love this what a fabulous injection of red into the natural environment. It looks like an art installation.

A red piece of furniture can really be injected in any room...believe me...just one gorgeous credenza, antique chest or small table..try it!


How about a red floor...ok, maybe not in your main living space, but how about in a laundry, a cottage bathroom, a back porch floor, or just a red carpet so that you can remove it when you wish.

Red is a colour which lives in all our spaces and surroundings. Try to embrace it more intentionally, if only in the winter months for that extra sense of warmth and energy.


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  1. Robyn

    I just love reddddddddddddddd. Used Botticelli (Pratt & Lambert 1-16) a dark raspberry red in my dining room and small adjoining room. My dark furniture melts into the walls and rooms look less cluttered. 

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