Organized closet = Organized person….

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This weekend I had the urge to organize my closet, mind you, this urge comes only once in a blue moon, so I embrace the feeling wholeheartedly. I live in a small space, so keeping all my girly stuff organized is not an easy feat. I wish wish and wish for a whole room as my day !! but for now, a 7 foot reach in is all I have…and under the bed ofcourse.

Finally, closet design is being considered higher on the list of priorities. It is an important investment which always brings a good return. Hire a Specialist and spend as much as you can possibly afford. You will not regret it.

We all have our issues with our Closet situation. Some have fantastic walk-in rooms to die for…and some of us don’t. There are some basic rules for closet design which I want to share with you…and some dream closets which I want to show you to drool over.

A Men’s closet will require space for storage of shirts, pants, suits, ties, shoes, night clothes, underwear, socks and drawers for lots of small items. These items can be stored in closets 2′ deep and 7′ high. The width of the closet depends on the space available within the bedroom. Here are some basic, minimum sizes for closets.

  • A minimum size is a 2’6″ wide closet. It can accommodate around 10 suits, ties, 6 pairs of shoes and 2 drawers for underwear and other things.
  • A comfortable sized closet is 4′ wide. It can accommodate around 10 suits, 7 pairs of shoes, 7 drawers and ties, night clothes on hooks on the inside of the doors.

This is a handsome men's closet with lots of light, hanging space, and drawers. Everything is concealed, which takes up more space, but if you have the space to create this sort of closet, it is a definite upgrade to your home's value.

A woman’s closet will require space for storing women’s garments, like skirts, trousers, blouses, dresses, evening dresses, suits, coats, underwear, night clothes, shoes, mirror, make-up things etc. The minimum depth for a woman’s closet is 2′ and 7′ height. The width of the closet depends on the space available in the bedroom.

  • A comfortable sized closet is 4′ wide. This can store 12 hanging garments, 10 folded garments, 10 pairs of shoes, night clothes on hooks on the inside of the door, 7 drawers and a hinged mirror in front of the shelves for dressing up. Or this space can be arranged so that it can store around 20 hanging garments, 10 folded garments, 10 pairs of shoes, 5 drawers.

Any Woman would swoon at this closet. If you have a spare bedroom, you can turn it into a closet instead a room which is not used. Make it into a complete dressing room and girly hang out.

Some basic rules, you need 24 to 28 inches of depth, 48″ minimum of hanging per person. You need about 24 inches of long hanging for dresses and long garments, and you need shelves for sweaters and drawers for intimate items.

Every girl has many shoes....

Wow...this is alot of sweaters!!

If you have space for shoes, this is the way to do it.

The light finishes in this closet make it easy to see as well as very luxurious. Much thought has gone into this closet design allowing for seating and a complete dressing experience.

This is a grat example of a bedroom being transformed into a closet. Bring your dresser into your closet...even if it is just a small reach in closet, you will add much needed drawer space.

Ikea is known for their closet design options. This one can be adapted to most reach in closet configurations.

You have to consider what you have most of, or how you like to store your clothes. A minimum of 48" per person is needed for short hanging.

This whole cabinet conceals a fantastic dream closet

The doors slide open and you get this incredible space

A view from above...Wow....

Christina Aguilera's closet...girls like their shoes!

This is Elton John's closet for his sunglasses.

One of Oprah's many closets...don't be fooled, she embraces her incredible wealth very well.

This is Mariah Carey's closet...she loves shoes too!!!

Another Celebrity Closet..not sure who, but someone with a very whimsical personality.

This is Ralph Lauren's closet.

Seems like the closet can definitely convey the owner’s personality…as shown with the Celebrity closets. Most of us have to be more conservative in our closet design, but honestly..think about it. If you invest in some good storage solutions, it will for sure raise the value of your home, so go for it. And if you have a spare room, what’s wrong with making it into a dressing room with a sofa, tv roller racks and crystal chandelier…this is the place you begin your day and end your day.  Your clothing and accessories are an investment, treat that investment properly and you will leave home a happy person.

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