Oprah Lists New York PH for $7.9 Million

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Hey there, your friendly neighbourhood Celebrity Stalker is back with some cool news about Oprah Winfrey’s latest real estate deal. Oprah, no introduction is necessary I believe, has listed her New York Penthouse for $7.9 million. The penthouse unit is on the 36th floor, covers 2,530 sqft along with a 768 sqft terrace.

COULD YOU IMAGINE? Amazing. The monthly payments are upwards of $29,000 on a 30-year-mortgage.

Want some more eye opening fact? the master bedroom has THREE walk-in closets. I haven’t been inside the apartment, but I’d imagine a whole family could live in each of those walk-ins! I certainly would be more than happy too live in one. Well, as long as I’d be allowed to use the terrace (you know, the Terrace alone is basically as big as your average Toronto Condo; I bet I could put that into good use)



source: Zillow

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