Liberty Village

Neighbourhood Watch: Liberty Village

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Liberty Village

Liberty Village at a Glance

Eat: Drop by the Liberty Village Market and Cafe and enjoy a spot of delicious food with a great selection of fresh products and rich coffee. Try one of their famous soups, a staple during any visit.

Brazen Head Irish PubDrink: If your a coffee drinker, The Roastery Coffee House is a fantastic stop-over for a classic fresh roast or a delicious cappuccino. Want to take friends out for a drink, the Brazen Head Irish Pub is a great place to catch a pint or two with friends and perhaps catch a game while your at it.

Here are some of the condos right in the heart of the community:

Shop: The whole neighbourhood is littered with tiny boutique stores, each offering something unique to the community. From cake stores to boutique furniture outlets, there’s a bit of everything.

The Liberty Village Back Story

Liberty Village is a little neighbourhood on the south-west end of Toronto, surround by King Street West on the north, Gardiner Expressway on the south, Dufferin Street on the west and Strachan Street on the east. The Canadian Pacific railway line also borders the neighbourhood on the north east side.

The community was once a part of the Parkdale neighbourhood, which now begins west of Dufferin Street. The community gets it’s name from the primary and central street: Liberty St., a street named to honour the historic prison reform that shut down Toronto’s Central Prison and then released prisoners on a street where they would walk towards liberty.

A Interesting Place to Live

The Tower CondominiumsLiberty Village is a great example of the gentrification process that has begun in downtown Toronto, creating a shift in both attitudes and perspective for the community. The area has seen a rise in artistic businesses (discussed later), becoming the home to all sorts of companies including media outlets, studios, design firms and more.

As a result, we see folks wanting to move to the community to live closer to work, absorb the old-school community charm and really immerse themselves in the culture of the space.

Best part about living in Liberty Village? Those who want the TTC can take advantage of the Liberty Village BIA TTC VIP Metropass program, offering Liberty Village BIA Members – which can include tenants – $15.50 off the monthly price of a metropass. That is $186 of savings a year, just for choosing to live there!

Artsy Community

If you’re looking for an artsy place to live, it doesn’t really get better than Liberty Village. The community has joined the rapid development circuit and become a trendy place for young professionals and artists alike, pushing the development of artsy community settings.

Irwin Toy Factory Building - Now Residential LoftsThe Irwin Toy Factory was once the home to a paper company. Now it is a mix-use property housing residential lofts and a variety of commercial spaces. The very beautiful Toronto Carpet Factory Building that sits on Mowat Avenue has now been converted into the home of a variety of creative companies, including design, marketing and media.

The non-profit development company, Artscape, has a strong presence in the community, revitalizing buildings through the arts. They create a great selection of mixed use communities, promoting a community where artists can thrive. It’s no wonder that successful Art and Design studios call Liberty Village home.

Ample of Amenities

Liberty Village is prime real estate, putting itself close to major amenities and resources. It has a bit of everything but the one thing it thrives in is its strong transportation links. It’s 10-15 minutes from Lakeshore, Toronto’s beautiful water-front stretch of road perfect for biking and long walks. You are also right next to the Gardiner Expressway, a transportation hub right into the heart of downtown.

Lastly, you are 20 minutes to downtown Toronto via TTC transit links, available right at one’s doorstep both on Lakeshore and on King Street West.

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