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These 3 decluttering tips can simplify your house move

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Whether it’s to a new home across town or across the country, moving to a new home can be overwhelming. Many of us struggle with figuring out where to start when getting ready to move. Although, the first logical step when preparing to move is to declutter, it can be the most difficult because it requires more of a change in mindset than an abundance of elbow grease. The following steps from Professional Organizer in Canada’s Rosalind Tantalo can help you simplify your move before and after.

1.) Consider the size of your new home

In many cases, the process of decluttering will be decided upon by the size of your new home. When downsizing, it’s more than just the number of rooms in the new home that you’ll have to consider when deciding what stays and what goes. Be sure to have a copy of the floor plan on hand when developing your decluttering strategy.

Measure your furniture, ensuring to factor in smaller pieces like end tables and TV stands. Using one of the many free room sketching tools online, can help you get a visual of how your stuff will fit in the new space. Keep in mind that if you are moving to a smaller space you may be doing less entertaining and therefore, your extra seating or serving dishes may no longer be needed.

2.) Don’t let holding on, hold you back

Sentimentality is a powerful force. It helps take us back to another point in time without leaving the room. Sometimes, however, nostalgia can keep us frozen in time. Consider the items you may be hanging on to even though they’re never used. Is keeping something that belonged to generations past tucked away in a cupboard honouring its place in the family? Or would it be better served with someone who can put these treasures to good use? You can always take a photograph of well-loved items to keep the memories alive.

3. Don’t forget to profit!

When going through the process of decluttering you may unearth some items that you no longer need but can still be useful to others. Rather than sending these items to the landfill, consider enlisting the services of a consignment shop or holding an online auction to find these unneeded treasures to find a new home and as a bonus the profits can help offset some of the costs of your move. Of course, if the items are torn, stained or broken, they should be thrown out.

Bonus Tip: Make life easier on the other side

Most of the time, when we are packing to move, we start out with the best of intentions but slowly lose motivation. The first few boxes are neatly packed and labelled, but the ones packed right before the moving truck shows up are often filled with loose ends and half-empty toothpaste tubes. Once you have completed the process of decluttering, the act of packing to move should be much simpler.

Do yourself the favour of carefully labelling each box with the room it is destined for in your new home! This process will help you unpack in a snap so you can start enjoying your new space right away.

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Rosalind Tantalo is a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada and owner/operator of Simply Home. Rosalind has over 20 years of estate clearing and home staging experience. She leads a team of caring professionals to offer downsizing, organizing, estate clearing and staging services in Toronto and the surrounding GTA communities.

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