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This fantastic space would be considered a ‘hard loft’ since it is an actual industrial space converted into a living loft.

Lofts were originally spaces in industrial buildings, converted interiors for bohemians and artists. People who did not need or want to be defined by the traditional definition of what a ‘home’ should be. These days, shows like Sex in the City have made living in a Toronto Loft very desirable. As a result, what used to be a cheap alternative is now a high end, luxury venture.

Real Estate developers everywhere have recognized the value of this demand and began creating ‘soft lofts’, ‘hard lofts’, ‘conversion lofts’ ,’apartment lofts’ , ‘live-work lofts’…I’m sure there are other names!

Either way, I LOVE this idea, home is where the heart is and one can make such a space so personal and individual. I would pick this over suburban living any day. It is not for everyone, but for those with an open mind…this is a fun lifestyle.

This space is raw for’s because of the exposed concrete walls and double height ceilings.

Wow…this is a very HARD loft. There is potential..the furniture choices ,the addition of fabrics and some sparkle would make this a great space.

This open concept loft is clearly a home for a family…I would imagine that this would be a great home for kids…so much space to ride around in. The kitchen is the ‘heart of the home’ in this loft as well as it is in a traditional home.

This NYC loft is an ‘original’ what a great space, the windows and exposed ceiling makes this space interesting and unique. The choice of furniture and decor is lacking luster..but in a space like this, you can drop a mattress on the floor and it will look great.

This space is a nice conversion. The HVAC has been left exposed, some of the concrete is exposed and the rest has been dry walled to give the opportunity for paint colours and other finishes.

This loft is warm and cozy…this is a good illustration of the fact that colour is the key to determining a feeling. In my opinion, there are a few too many ‘things’ lying around, but that’s just me!

Wooowww…need I say anything about this space? Like I said, you can do just about anything in a space like this and it will be FABULOUS!

For those who want windows, some of the industrial spaces will have many! Cool space.

This is a celebrity loft…Gweneth Paltro’s place is fabulous..All white suits loft living very well.

Another celebrity loft..Gerrard is an ‘environment’. The mixture of crystal, rough wood, exposed brick and salvaged architectural items makes this a fantastic interior.

I love love love this place…it is gorgeous. The brick, the light coming in…a hard loft made to feel soft and welcoming.

The same loft from the other side

Masculine, natural, awesome. The choices of furniture are unlimited in a space like this. Using natural materials to compliment the architectural materials is a natural fit.

This loft is made for an Artist! lots of light, free flowing and open. Even without an exposed wood ceiling or brick walls, it looks great.

There you are..some dreamy, fabulous loft spaces.  You don’t have to do the hard-core version. Why not consider your next condo to be a loft conversion..there are many in the City of Toronto which are available for all budgets and lifestyle needs.

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