Innovative Kitchen Design Solution!

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Tight Spaces are becoming a staple in the Condo market for the mid priced sector. This fact is bringing all sorts of ingenious solutions to the Interior Design solutions which are being presented by Manufacturers of products which go into our homes.

I was touring around the internet and found an incredible Modular Kitchen solution from a company from New Zealand …it is called the Circle Kitchen.

The Circle Kitchen is a Modular Kitchen with all the amenities of a regular kitchen but only takes up 1.8 square meteres and has 12 cupboads

Take a look at the Video which demonstrates this amazing invention.

It's available in a number of finishes to suit any decor

This is the kitchen shown open

Here is the kitchen shown closed

Pull out storage allows for unexpected capacity

every littlt bit of space is utilized ...even some dispay shelves

there is no compromise for organization with standard cutlery dividers provided

a burner for cooking your meals

the kettle gets boiled on a plug contraption which extends out from a hidden sleeve.

The innovations which are being created are fantastic…engineering advances, computer technology and other advances are giving us opportunities for a new way of living.

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