How does TheRedPin’s software use local data to help me find the right home?

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As a home buyer, you want good information and good advice.

Buying a home is far too important a decision to rely on one sales representative for everything.

TheRedPin is a software company that collects data from buyers, sellers, builders and industry experts both online and offline. Then we make sure every RedPin sales representative is rigorously trained to tailor this information into advice customized to you. Our software works with them every step of the way to learn about what you want, what you need and ultimately, get the best house for you at the lowest possible price.

Once you’ve browsed our site, looked at some listings, learned from our TRP exclusive info and are ready to go, you will be connected with one of our sales representatives.  Using our extensive database of information, they will introduce you to an array of properties. They will match homes as close to your expectations as possible, and may even introduce you to some options you hadn’t thought of, so it’s important to keep an open mind!

When matching you with potential homes, your RedPin sales representative will work with you to assess your current needs, while also taking into account your future ones, to find your perfect home.

Log into your account now, so we can show you everything TheRedPin knows and start learning about what’s right for you.

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