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How Affordable Ownership Works: Daniels Corporation

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The Daniels Corporation has been building and developing high quality residential communities for over 25 years.  Recently, they’ve expanded their business model to include two programs that aim to make owning a home more affordable: the First Home Boost and Daniels FirstHome.

How it works

The First Home Boost provides down payment help for first-time buyers.  Renters who don’t currently own a home may qualify to receive 10% of the purchase price added to their down payment.  Only a 5% down payment is required by qualified purchasers.

Daniels FirstHome takes helping first-time buyers one step further.  FirstHome communities provide quality homes at affordable prices (currently starting at $145,900).  Down payments are paid in manageable instalments up to the 5% minimum. The pre-built communities also include energy-saving features to keep carrying costs low.


  1. SharonS

    I recently looked into buying a condo either with Daniels or Options for homes.  While I liked Daniels location better in Regent Park, I settled with Options for Homes because they were friendlier and offered a better model for home ownership.  When I asked Daniels about their Downpayment they didn’t offer enough time to build a downpayment. Also when I asked about the alternative mortgage they didn’t want to provide me with the information. I made several visits by myself and with a real estate agent to Daniels.  What I saw was a bunch of people buying to re-sell. Daniels welcomed this. I also spoke to residence in the area who had negative experiences with trying to participate in their gradual downpayment.  Daniels turned out be about profit then helping people obtain affordable housing.

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