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The crisp, clean, shiny and bright feeling in this bathroom is what is desired by most consumers these days in their bathroom renovations.

Most homeowners want to maintain the value of their is the largest financial investment most will make. So, though most don’t want to spend a lot of money, all want to add value.

A bathroom renovation done well will bring you a 68% return on your investment according to the Appraisal Institute of Canada. This qualifies as a good investment.

There are a variety of looks and styles, however, if I have to pick one look which will work no matter what style you have, your buyer has, or your personal tastes;  the look of white, fresh, classic and shiny is one that always works.

I have collected some finishes and products which will illustrate how to ‘get the look’. It is a guide and an inspiration to help you make your renovation decisions using all or some of these elements.


Wow...this is a bright bathroom, perhaps a bit too white for some, but you cannot deny that it is gorgeous

This Octagon marble mosaic would be gorgeous on the floor to add some pattern. This adds a feeling of warmth as though you have a built in carpet.

Beautiful detail of this mosaic could be used all over, or just in a square centered in the space.

Glass wall tiles add an ethereal look. It gives a look of watery sparkle. Glass tiles have come down in price and there are many options out there for the Consumer averaging from $14 - $25 per square foot..

Same glass tile in another nice colour which would work for this look, a watery, greyish bluey green.

You can never go wrong with subway tile..I have seen it all over Paris and if it is good enough for Paris, it is good enough for Me! Depending on the quallity and profile, you can get subway tiles from as little as $2.00 per square foot to over $15 a square foot. Various sizes from 2 x 4 to linear 4 x 16 .

These are the classic marbles which can be used for this look, on the floor, on the walls. From left to right : Carrara, Calacutta, Statuario ...also price goes up from left to right.


What a beautifuly designed faucet from Waterworks. It is classic and contemporary at the same time...befitting any good renovation. You can choose polished chrome or polished nickel (chrome being a cooler metal and nickel warmer)

I love this faucet...not just because of it's name "eiffel", but it truly is a great design. Riobel did a great job with this particular model.


Wow..this sink is stunning, lots of maintenance, but what a fantastic sparkly addition to your white bathroom.

I like the shape of this sink, it adds just that little bit of detail to give a unique touch.

I like this one alot. the trend is toward more organic shapes in our sinks and tubs..this one is perfect.

This vessel carrara sink is nice for a secondary bathroom.I find it harder to maintain such a sink, but it does look fabulous.

A well crafted contemporary light fixture from Restoration Hardware is a nice functional yet attractive addition. You should invest in a good light fixture, it is the first thing a buyer sees when they turn the light on.

A more traditional look, soft diffused light is still bright for functionality.

What a cool adds that industrial chic look which I talked about in a previous blog...very hot now and classic forever.

A shiny medicine cabinet allows for lots of additional storage. Make sure it matches your faucet,either chrome or nickel

Some come with mirror on the inside and some don't...I like the ones that have the mirror inside...makes it easier to find items and adds visual depth.

This one is cool projects from the wall...perfect when you have tiles from floor to ceiling on the feature wall.

Don't forget a plush, over sized floor mat. Aim for 36" will appreciate the tactile and luxurious feeling. You just have to be prepared to clean it often.

Accessories for the towels and paper are the 'jewelry' for your not discount the value these details bring to the design.

A mirror for up-close work on your face add to the functionality...even better if it lights up for you.

Accessories for holding your daily use stuff allow to have that clean hotel suite look.

If you want ultimate luxury...get a towel warmer. This one from Waterworks is hard wired, but you can get a plug in model too. Very much appreciated in the winter. It reminds me of being in Europe and using the radiator to warm my towel as I shower...just more stylish.

If you don't know about this Italian is time you did! At just over $10 each, it is not cheap, but oh is it tasty. And it will look good in the space. Then again, I am the person who gets mouthwash which coordinates with the walls of my bathroom!!


Adding accent coloured tiles is a nice way to punch just a bit of colour into your, turquoise, greeny blue etc...ocean colours in short, always work well in a white bathroom.

Any of these tiles would work in the look we are discussing.

a cool greyish , blue colour scheme is a good base for this look, these colours help you see your own complection as true.

Slightly warmer, but still greyish, this is a hands down great look with white cabinets

When in doubt, paint is white, but be cogicent of the undertone whether it is on the warm side or on the cool side.

What a Beautiful bathroom...this one really exemplifies the look I am talking can this not add to the value of your home!

Renovating the bathroom is less costly than the kitchen, but boy does it pack a punch as far as money back and self satisfaction goes. Do it right, get professionals to help you so that you will come out of it with a successful renovation, appropriate for your home and finished with quality and good design.



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