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Exclusive Interview with Calum Ross: An In-Depth Discussion About Mortgages

In Mortgage, TheRedPin News by TheRedPin TeamLeave a Comment sits down for an exclusive interview with mortgage guru Calum Ross for an in-depth discussion about mortgages, its various elements and what first time home buyers and investors should look out for when making mortgage-related decisions.

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Calum Ross is one of Canada’s top mortgage brokers, a title solidified when he was ranked top producing mortgage broker in the country by Canadian Mortgage Professional Magazine. He brings to real estate his in-depth knowledge of the business world, having done a B.Comm, an MBA from Schulich School of Business and a Comprehensive Leadership Program from Harvard School of Business.

In our conversation, he provides detailed, concise and valuable information about various mortgage concepts, shares a few important points for first time home buyers and even provides with a nice shout-out. Here’s an overview of the specific topics we go over:

  1. Discussion about the Toronto mortgage market, including the need for the consumer to ensure they are working with a qualified mortgage broker.
  2. An in-depth discussion about mortgage rates and its impact on home buyers and their mortgage decisions.
  3. Insight into mortgage insurance, its primary purpose and its benefits to the home buyer.
  4. The common mistake home buyers make when it comes to their mortgages.
  5. Three things First Time Home Buyers should put on their checklist when finding the right mortgage.
  6. His impression of

If you are interested in receiving mortgage advice or obtaining a mortgage, contact the Calum Ross Team. Visit their website at

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