Emerald Green…Pantone Colour of the Year

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Green Forest promises fresh, clean air for a natural Oxygen boost.

Green is a colour we are very familiar with ..it speaks of nature, freshness and newness. Green is a colour which can be incorporated most effectively with fresh plants and very easily with accessories and fabric choices.

The colour of the year was declared to be Emerald 17-5641, it is a touch on the side of blue which is dangerously close to Forest Green, a colour which we used in the 80’s in abundance for dens and office spaces.

It can come across as a tad heavy if used too much, so watch out…embrace the trend with a gingerly touch.

I like to use green in my spaces in small touches, it is a nice way to bring the outdoors in…you will notice that there is a trick which Room Stagers will use for photograpy of interiors by adding green apples to their spaces…it always gives that fresh pop which we can all relate to.

Gorgeous, French inspired backyard space. I love the stark contrast between white and green…fresh and timeless, you can’t go wrong with this combination.

This version of green is best in small doses, fabulous in a graphic pattern and most comfortable with clear and unmuted colours.

Beautiful mix of country, city and urban elements….the green grounds the whole look effectively.

This green bathroom is Stunning and will evoke a reaction as soon as One walks into the space….though it is bold, it is very calming at the same time.

Green walls are being incorporated into public spaces more and more…this is a great example of a green wall in a residential environment….just imagine the clean air ….love it!

Whether you use green in your interior or in your choice of clothing…use it..it will make give life to your day.

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