Clever Storage in a Bathroom

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I am on a roll talking about bathrooms, maybe because I am working on a few right now…it is on top of mind!  Most of us are not fortunate enough to have a LARGE bathroom…therefore, storage is a very important factor in the planning of our bathrooms. You can steal storage in lots of clever areas. The bathroom should be neat and clean…think of a Hotel Suite and how it feels when you first walk in…the more sparky and neat that it is, the better you feel.

This bathroom is very well and cleverly planned. The space behind the toilet as well as the freestanding tub has been maximized. The mirror is installed in the complete area, making it as open as possible. and there are drawers as well as doors. This is a GREAT bathroom!!

Another great use of stolen space to create a shelving unit..they could have made the skinnier one a door in order to make it appear neater..however, something is better than nothing. This is a good inspiring photo for ideas on how you can maximize your space.

Even without a cabinet, you can maximize storage by creating a backsplash with a shelf. I like this...very Parisian!

This 'faux armoire' has been built into the wall...great idea to use space within the wall if you can't come into the space.

Another example of a built in storage unit..looks great and it doesn't have to be deep.

Drawers are more useful than doors in a bathroom...there are smaller items which are easier stored here than in a door cabinet.

Very clever storage in a bathroom...cue taken from kitchen design. I like this, perfect for bottles.

The cabinet on top of the counter is a good use of's there anyway, why not maximize it, and they put a mirror on the inside, great way to add depth and give the dark cabinet a lighter look.

The cubbies created on the tub deck is ingenious...I love it.

What a cool mirror, and it opens to reveal storage behind, look for these ready made and ready to install.

You can have open storage in a bathroom...this is nice easy access for towels.

These shelves at the top of the tub give you so much extra storage. If you wanted to keep it more discreet, you could put your stuff in nice leather boxes or tight weave baskets.

Very good design of the window wall....the picture says all that I could say in words.

There you are…some inspiring ideas for your next bathroom renovation.

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    Great ideas. Most apt residents need to maximize space by finding ingenious storage.

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