Clever Kitchen Storage Solutions!

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This island is well designed, lots of easy access to plates and glasses, the level changes not only add to the look, but adds function.

Storage …there never seems to be enough space for Storage of our STUFF…no matter how much we have, we want more!

Not everyone has great organizational skills, but everyone can benefit from clever storage solutions to help them organize their stuff. With clever and creative design, you can double and triple the amount of items you keep in your busy kitchen.

There are inserts, dividers, pullouts, slide outs…depending on your style, you can have open storage for easy access , or hidden and camouflaged shelves and drawers.

Fabulous pantry...the middle shelves disappear behind the two side ones to give you an incredible amount of storage in a small footprint.

This Armoire style cabinet has been maximized for storage with a shallow set of shelves on the side...what a great idea!

Drawers which slide out fully are fantastic , though you need a step stool for the very top drawers, this is a great solution , no more digging behind items.

I love this open storage, it is so easy to access plates and cups which are used daily...this idea comes from commercial kitchen design where fast and easy access to tools and serving dishes is of utmost importance.

What a cool design...secret storage for small stuff, maybe spices, tea, nuts...whatever. I like it!

I call this 'towel garage' adds a funky detail to the kitchen and gives your towels a home , rather than hanging on the stove or cabinet door.

Another nice example of storage for plates and is easier to lift plates from below your hip height, less chance of breakage and easier to stack .

With a drawer like this...anyone can be organized, when your tools are easily accessible, you will be less frustrated while cooking.

How Clever is this...a normally wasted space has been utilized ingeniously.

This contemporary kitchen design lends itself perfectly to the skinny drawers below the counter..I really like this idea, think horizontal and not vertical and you will come up with unique design solutions.

This small kitchen has been given extra storage and counter surface with this slim cabinet, all you need is about 8" to be able to house your spices and condiments...this is great!

a column has been given dual purpose by building cabinets around it..if its gotta be there to support the structure , might as well make it work for your daily storage needs.

Check out this video …very cool storage solution

Be creative …you would be surprised how much storage space you can create within your home…with smart products out there for creating more efficient ways to store our stuff…it can actually be fun and very satisfying to organize yourself.


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