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Canada’s Real Estate Don Has Spoken

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A rather witty title for a very informative conversation. sits down for an in-depth conversation with Don R. Campbell, a Canadian-based real estate investor and Senior Analyst. He is the Founding Partner of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN), Canada’s leading resource for real estate investors. In addition, he is a celebrated, best-selling author and educator, having written many books over the years. The Little Book of Real Estate Investing in Canada is his latest work, scheduled to be released in January 2013.

As a person who has studied the real estate market in-depth, Campbell sits down with us to put the Canadian market, especially the GTA market, in perspective. From “understanding the realities of the market” to “market mentality”, Campbell provides insights on what investors and first time home buyers should focus on when wanting to make sound investment decisions. He goes on to say that an investors job is to “not buy into the headlines” but to truly “look at the data, look at the facts and the figures and look through what really drives a real estate market”, going on to explain the many factors.

In addition, Campbell digs deep into many factors that affect us Torontonians, such as transportation, while putting into perspective three elements that first time home buyers and investors should think about before making an investment decision. Keep the first time home buyer in mind, he defines a great investment as “an older property, that [he] can add value, near some sort of transportation change and in a region and a neighbourhood that is going through a transition”, going on to add that the transitioning region is “key”.

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