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Window Treatments should be considered as soon as you purchase your house or condo. Especially in a Condo where you may have large expanses of glass letting wonderful sunlight in, you must have the flexibility to control not only the light, but heat loss and heat gain, sun damage and UVB UVA rays.

There are so many options for your windows, you should have an expert come and access what your needs are in order to determine which product is best for you. I will skim over some of the options to give you some inspiration as to what is available out there. All Blinds photos are from Levelor Blinds.

Window Treatments are meant to be both functional and aesthetically not miss this opportunity to make your interior more comfortable.

Wood blinds come in many qualities, colours and sizes. I like the warmth they provide and the flexibility of light control. You can get them without any holes which house the cord as an upgrade, they truly add architecture to the windows.

The look of natural, woven roller blinds are a nice way to inject some texture and pleasant light filtering into the space. They can be flat, roman style, panels which go side to side, and numerous colour options. There are many options which you should explore in order to figure out what works for you.

This is a version of a natural textured blind. You can have them light filtering or completely black out.

If you have skylights and many windows in a row, cellular blinds are a great choice for this purpose. They can be motorized for easy operation.

You don’t have to have cords hanging around anymore…your blinds can be cordless, retractable cord which never gets long, motorized….whatever suits your needs and your budget.

Levolor Cordless Blind and Shade Solutions

Roman blinds are good for a softer, luxurious look. They are available in all sorts of textures, colours and fabrications. Roman Blinds are very expensive to manufacture with a Drapery Workroom because of the labour involved in making them. Purchasing from a Blinds supplier can make it more cost effective , though your fabric selection will be limited...a good compromise for a great look.

A Panel Track system is a fabulous solution for today's large windows. It can be mounted on the ceiling, on the wall and different directions of operation.

A close up of the track for Panel Tracks

The Panel shown closed. This treatment is good for windows, room dividers and any other creative solution you need. An expert in the industry can help you determine the installation needs, fabric choices and operational options.

You can even change up the panels as the seasons change...come on!! how much better can a treatment get??

In a space where you need privacy or extra light control during the day, you can order your blinds 'bottom up'. This is great for a bathroom, and office where the desk is close to the window, or a dining room.

This video illustrates the top down and bottom up feature…

Levolor Top Down Bottom Up Blind and Shade Solutions

Not only can the blinds be bottom up, but they can be top down as well...this installation will give you plenty of flexibility.

This video features an additional feature of light filtering and black out options

Levolor Transformations (Day Night) Blind and Shade Solutions

There are numerous options for your windows…do not make the choice without proper research and an expert to guide you. What you put on your windows will determine how you enjoy your space, how the investment in your furniture and floors is maintained and how flexible your interior is to your lifestyle.


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