Bin Laden Family Home in Florida Up for Sale!

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What a couple of weeks these have been! My inside sources (i.e. the two old ladies next door) tell me that the US government was really mad about Gilles Duceppe and Michael Ignatieff stealing its thunder during the Canadian Election week; as a result, on the night of the election they decided that enough was enough, they went all out, found Bin Laden, gave him the business, and took over the news again!

Now, more in line with my line of business, Zillow is reporting that a sibling of Osama (Khalid Bin Laden) actually owns a near $2 million abandoned home in Florida that has recently been put up for sale. The five bedroom/five bathroom house is located 30 minutes south of Disneyland, and covers 5,854 sqft. Khalid originally purchased the house for $1.6 million back in 1980 as a gift to his new bride. The house has been left abandoned since the 9/11 attacks when Khalid and his family fled the country! The house currently is not in a very good shape as a result.

Any thoughts on the property?

source: zillow, radaronline


  1. Ali Ajellu

    The house is not in very good shape? Look pretty slick to me!! 

    Can't get enough of that enormous dining hall with the fireplace, very regal 🙂

    1. Celebrity Stalker

      haha well the house has been sitting there for all this time and has been subjected to acts of vandalism. There are also a few bullet holes on the walls. It's a mess.

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