Best of the best: Take a look at some stand-out kitchens

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The saying goes, that a kitchen is the heart and soul of the home.

When deciding on a home, or even renovating a property, endless hours can be spent agonizing over a kitchen’s minute “little things” — from the counter backsplash, to the drawer pulls, to the faucet. The devil truly is in the details.

We assembled a look at some of our favourite unique kitchens — love them or hate them, they are certainly stand-outs for their attention to every feature and bold choices.

The Pink Kitchen

Is there such a thing as too much pink? This country kitchen certainly puts that question to the test!


High-tech fruit stand

This fruit stand seems like something The Jetsons might have had. It certainly makes it easy to grab breakfast on the go.


Grey Kitchen

The colours and tones in this kitchen are certainly dramatic. They paint a striking picture, although the palate may be too dark for some.


Traditional Kitchen

This kitchen seems more traditional in design and colour, with the white cabinets. The copper pots and pans give a nice pop.


Wood Kitchen

This kitchen looks so cozy, with plenty of warm shades of wood. It may be too rustic for some people's tastes.


Gardener's Kitchen

This kitchen certainly belongs to someone who has a green thumb. The natural light make it perfect for gardening, and the chalkboard wall is great for an art project (or grocery list!)


Dark Wood Kitchen

There is plenty of dark wood prevalent in this kitchen. The ceiling beams and dark cabinetry give the room a formal look.


White Kitchen

The ornate mouldings make this room feel very French. Imagine having petit déjeuner here!


Chef's Dream Kitchen

There is certainly plenty of storage in this kitchen! So much so that you need a ladder just to reach it. What a chef's dream.


Marble Kitchen

Talk about marble! This kitchen certainly looks spotless, with the cool grey marble. It may be too cold for some, however.


Shabby Chic Kitchen

The weathered cabinets and distressed floors lend themselves to the shabby chic feeling of this kitchen.



Kitchen Sink & Cutting Board

Talk about functional! This modern sink and cutting board combo is very useful for anyone who fancies themselves a chef, or chef in the making.


Can Dispenser

This is pretty cool. Save valuable seconds when preparing a quick family meal.


Jetsons Kitchen

Now this is a serious Jetsons design. This counter, range and sink look positively space age.


European Kitchen

With the terra cotta floors and ceilings, this kitchen had a decidedly European vibe. Its warm colours and abundance of plants make it feel cozy.


Brick Kitchen

The incredible brick ceiling on this kitchen give it a very loft-like feel. This is certainly not to everyone's taste, but it makes for a dramatic look.


Country Kitchen

The worn shutters and distressed cabinets make this kitchen look very comfortable and approachable.


Kitchen Drawers

You certainly don't see these drawers everyday -- which may be a good thing, or a bad thing. The true practicality is unclear, but they definitely look cool.

Purple Kitchen

This kitchen probably wins the award for most dramatic use of colour. Love it or hate it, using colour this bold certainly takes courage.


Modern Kitchen

The low, sleek lines of the table and chairs combined with the abstract light fixture give this space a very modern feel.


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