6 Interior Design Trends for 2011…

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Interior Design is no different than the Fashion Design business… it is motivated by trends which are driven by a complex  variety of variables within the social fabric that we live in. In the fashion business, it happens faster than in the Interior design business…after all, it is easier to add a purse or a skirt to a wardrobe, than it is to add a new counter top material to your kitchen.

There are major lifestyle trends which creep up on us…these slowly influence all our interiors. An easy way to incorporate trends in  your home is to focus on the trends which are more easily injected into your space, like colour, art, fabric. Take a look at the trends I am listing and hopefully at least one can be introduced into your home.

1. The colour ORANGE…it is visually HOT and fashionably HOT…

The Colour orange is warm and inviting...it is perfect for us in the northern climate because it gives us and instant shot of sunny heat. Use it in your kitchen, your bedroom or simply in pillows. I think it would be fabulous in an entry. from Benjamin Moore, I like CC 96, CC 126, 2171-10

This chair is great..you can bring one chair or one ottoman into a space..just make sure the piece has enough personality to hold it's own.

What a gorgeous way to add orange into your home...imagine this print in your living room or dining room.

2. Natural Wallcoverings made of materials such as CORK, GRASSCLOTH, BAMBOO, LEATHER and more!

Natural wallcoverings have always been 'hot'...Chanel used it in her apartment over 40 years ago, it is still very appropriate for any space..especially a powder room, an office, and entry, a single wall in a bedroom. It is classic and both contemporary and traditional at the same time.

The colors available in grasscloth will blow you away... www.crownwallcoverings.com has a variety which will suit any decor...from orange to silver, to black to purple and white..you name it, it exists.

What a cozy room to read a book or a magazine..or to have a good chat

3. Anything British..perhaps it is the upcoming wedding?? though , when I was at the High Point Market last fall…it was everywhere.

I love this ottoman, it can fit into many styles, from a cottagey white and pine country look, to a tailored masculine grey pinstripe living room.

I love love this chest...I was close to buying it when I was in the showroom. don't be fooled, this chest can fit into just about any space...treat it like fashion. It is like a cool hat or scarf which fits with any outfit and has it's own personality.

this is the display for the 'union jack' look. It really works with the next trend which is available through www.restorationhardware.com

4. The Aviator look….it has always been in with the ‘rock music’ crowd. A distressed leather jacket from the 70’s is always hot…whether with a plaid skirt and brown riding boots..or on a tufted leather sofa in your home.

This desk from Restoration Hardware looks like it is made from the tail of an airplane. The chairs and accessories that go with this look give a casual elegance, perfect for a family room or office.

As mentioned, the British look goes with the Aviator look like ham and cheese.

I Love this sofa...one day, it will sit in my living room

5. Studs..the metal kind! You can add upholstery studs to many items to update them and give them some sophistication.

This Ottoman is very elegant...the studs give it a classic look

The studs on this leather side chair accentuate the shape

This table is so sexy...very glamorous. Without the studs..it would not be as fabulous

6. Quartz stone finishes. There are a number of companies who create this product. The most familiar one is CeasarStone.

Quartz finishes are virtually indestructible...they come in a variety of colours and textures. you can install them on a counter, backsplash, shower walls and make table tops. A very flexible and easy to use material in your next renovation.


7. IKAT…no not IKEA.. Ikat is a style of weaving that uses a tie-died yarns woven on either the warp ( lengthwise) or weft ( width wise) before the threads are woven to create a pattern or design.  It is a very ethnic and traditional method of creating fabric with pattern. The pattern is not printed on top of the fabric, but is in the weave, the art behind the technique is what must be appreciated.

The Ikat patterned pillow is vibrant and happy. A great way to add a worldly and ethnic feeling to a space...it is suitable in contemporary or traditional interiors.

Gorgeous chairs...a contemporary feeling with a very ethnic pattern

Dont’ be afraid of trends..there is something for everyone…

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