10 Fabulous Neutral Rooms!

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Neutral drapes matching the walls add soft texture to the space

Neutral colour scheme…sounds boring doesn’t it..no personality!. However, don’t be fooled, Neutral can pack quite a punch. It needs support though, much like a singer needs backup voices to make their song posses depth and harmony.

When creating a Neutral colour scheme, you have to build and layer the look with a variety of textures, shades of neutral, graphic patterns and as always, lighting is very important.

The room to the right is gorgeous, it is very neutral, but definitely not boring. The drapes are the same colour as the walls. I love this look. It is timeless and natural.

When you do ‘Neutrals’…work from lightest to darkest adding a variety of shades of the colour in a variety of textures ( smooth surfaces, shiny surfaces,textured fabrics, leather, weathered wood etc.

Lighting is very important with a Neutral colour scheme. It creates emphasis and pulls the eye through the space.

Neutral is harmonious, calm, elegant, sophisticated and unobtrusive.

This room is versions of cream and white...on the lighter side of neutral. The texture of the drapery panels creates interest at the window . Notice the graphic pillows, they really add a nice punctuation.


This vignette from Restoration Hardware is a perfect example of Neutral with a punch. The scale of the accessories like the mirror and candles give it personality. The texture of the leather trunks and weathered wood table are a nice accent to the pale colours. Need I say the lamp is fabulous??

This Neutral dining room is gorgeous because of the architecture of the space, the neutral fabrics and finishes are quiet and harmonious with the view beyond. Just a touch of colour brought in with the florals is all it needs to have a bit of 'zing'


This room has alot of stuff in it, but it works, Neutral colour schemes can allow you to get away with that. Though there are many things to look at, it still feels quite and unified.

Elegant and Sophisticated, this neutral room has black as an accent and lots of sparkle. All the different textures, from the tufted day bed to the dual fabric sofa make this room work. You can easily use upwards of 10 different fabrics in a Neutral room and it will work.

This greyish neutral colour scheme is cool and calm. Architectural details like the trim , fireplace and mouldings make it work beautifully. Notice the blue and green bottles on the table...when you have neutral rooms, just a bit of colour will punctuate the space.

Wow..this room is grand...lots of layers in this space created by the use of window treatments, lighting, and architectural details. Notice the cove lighting on the ceiling, this is a fabulous ambient light with will flatter any room, but here it is just the perfect touch. Everything is a version of 'camel'...it works!

This Barbara Barry dining room is elegant in the art deco sensibility. all the wood is the same, this keeps it quiet and contemporary. Again, the drapes match the walls, doing this will always make a space look elegant and polished.

This room is Neutral with a punch of colour...a perfect illustration of the fact that if you have a neutral scheme, you can change the feeling by adding pillows in a variety of colours, red for christmas, yellow in the spring, orange in the fall, blue in the winter and so on and so on.


Neutral colour schemes can be full of personality and range from Simple Cottage to over the top Miami mansion, the general rule is you have to have elements of  Scale, Texture, and Shape.

Here are some of my favorite Benjamin  Moore Neutrals AF-65, AF-80, AF-150, OC-11, OC-23, CC-52-, CC-460,HC-172.

My images were found randomly online, these designers all did a great job!!

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